idk how to draw cats so have a kougra that looks like a dog

i messed with the ears a bit so it looks a lil better now but still howw??cats

last minute random contest entry lol
my pet Hallohein being a “villain”.
the dastardly dung lupe

… i didnt know anything else to do ok all my ideas of super villain are not neo friendly. enjoy.

Finally got around to making eventide and custard for Bloodsoaked’s set, so he’s finally back up to date..
Too lazy to change the signature to the account he is actually on now whoops.

BC entry for my pet Carnage for tomorrow~ 
He’s not really a Meerca but I haven’t got enough np to morph him to his final color/species yet so… Meerca time!

Design for my stealthy draik/night fury, Koujiu. Entered the top one for the BC tomorrow, assuming it doesn’t get kicked out.