Birthday poster/card/picture for my boyfriend ♥♥♥

um here is another wip 
hopefully i will finish it tonight ugh my hand it hurts 

why do i try to do something im not used to when im on a time limit

WIP, .

"slowest artist in the world" gold star goes to me
i spent a long time on little details that you cant even see when you zoom out
good job me

WIP of a poster set I’m making for Zach
Humans are really hard and this is taking way too long
I probably won’t be able to get it printed on time. 
Ah well. This is also why I don’t offer sketches for commissions. I am the messiest sketcher ever - layers upon layers upon layers of different colors - I deleted a ton after i got a nicer sketch for toothless haha haha sigh.

i kind of want to finish this at some point maybe
30 second doodle for a friend who was feelin’ down

i think i need some sleeping pills at this point
i cant hear out of my left ear at all anymore thanks ear plugs ur only supposed to block noise when ur in my ear u kno
so here instead of sleeping i drew sfw quad refs of voooo and hodooo

if anyone could actually work of f of that as a ref id be surprsid tbh lol
but i felt akward giving people on pet sites a ref of hoodoo where she is in underpants so u m idk guys hopefully ill be back to real art soon

[4/54] - Multispecies Adoptables - Uni

I’m thinking I might wait to finish the rest of these until the site actually works, hard to color with none of the images really loading properly lol.